Thursday, July 28, 2011

The stars are shining very brightly

I got a new skirt in the mail today! It was my first brand piece, from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I bought it from the store fairy angel The shipping was very fast (it came in 3 days) and the skirt is beautiful, which is all awesome because I spent an arm and a leg on it. It also fits me perfectly around the waist, which is awesome because I didn't check the sizing on the website. Length wise, it comes down an inch or two past my knee with out a petticoat, which is a good length. The skirt:
It's an older print, I think it's perfectly suited for a subtle sweet or country style. I can thing of a billion co-ord with this print! I actually love it so much that I took a detail shot of the print. I also took one of the lace, here they are:

Pretty, right? Another detail of this skirt is it's built in petticoat, it doesn't give much poof though. Here's the skirt with only the built in petti underneath
Not poofy enough! Here's the skirt with my ultra poofy petti underneath:
OK, so you can't really see it, but trust me it holds tons of poof. It's puffyer than my narrow mirror at least XD. 

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