Friday, August 26, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club Asian drama ep 1 review!

So I just saw the ouran HSHC drama, here are my thoughts on it. I've read the manga and seen the anime. I definiately prefer the anime to the manga or drama but here are my thoughts on the drama:
So first I'll list the positives of this drama. I really liked how there was a lot more nekozawa in the Drama, I think Nekozawa needs more love! I also think they picked the perfect actress for Haruhi. When I first saw her I thought wow she looks so derpy, isn't Haruhi supposed to make a handsome guy? I was very pleased with her transformation! I also really liked the twins, less because of the mischevious gay twins thing, and more because they kind of remind me of some people I go to school with.The drama is very different from the manga and anime, but I like all the changes ^^ Especially the new uniform!
And now for the negatives! I didn't really like the actor that played Tamaki. His acting was fine, but he just looked wierd. I know that's shallow, but I just couldn't stand it! Maybe if he did something with his hair... I also hated hunny in this version, which sucks because Hunny was my favorite character in the Anime. I also wished that the bitchy girl, whose name I don't remember, would have been more bitchy. In the anime, she was so bitchy she got herself kicked out of the Host Club, which didn't happen in the drama. I kind of hope she becomes a returning character tho ^^
Overall, I give this drama a 3/5. I'm not really into drama's so I'm definately no expert ^^ This is only the 2nd Japanese drama I've seen. Also it's a really good show for shirtless guys :P
Fun fact, I actually wrote this review a while ago, but I didn't post it on my blog. I've seen episodes 2,3 and 4 since I wrote this, however I don't think I'll write a review for episodes 2 and 3. See you on episode 4!

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