Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Classic Tartan from BABY (the ravenclaw dress)

Aren't you glad this isn't another outfit post? I actually haven't dressed lolita in the past 3 days. Life is sad. But not that sad, because I have a new dress. I've been referring to this dress as my ravenclaw dress because of the color scheme and schoolgirl themes (that almost rhymes!) Also, this is one of the few dresses I own that my mom genuinely likes. Probably because it's basically a pimped out version of her catholic school uniform.

Yup, this dress is pretty much awesome, and to make it even better, it came with a free petticoat. One of the downsides to buying this dress was that I couldn't buy this dress and afford the A-line petticoat I needed. But then I oppened the box, and this dress came with a petticoat. An A-line one too! Life is good.

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