Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homecoming dress remake

So I found this dress in my basement and I figured hey, I should remake this and wear it to my school's dance! That was actually a lot easier said than done. Here's the dress.

If only it was actually that pretty..... In reality it didn't fit me at all and was full of rips.
Not so pretty right? So after I took it in, I decided to shorten it so that you couldn't see the huge rip (see pink arrow) It wasn't until after I finished the project that I realized exactly how short that was. It was so short that I was actually uncomfortable wearing it in public without an underskirt and tights. Here's the after picture.
Herp derp.
All finished! Now I don't need to safety pin it to my bra to keep it on, and with the tiny skirt I'll fit in perfectly at my school dance! I'm kidding, but not really. Anyway, do you think that the after picture looks any better than the before picture? I'm not particularly proud of it.

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  1. wow!!! what a transformation!! :D you did a really great job!! :D