Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anime USA

I may as well tell you now, that this post will be very long and image heavy so you can skip it if you want ^^

So I just came home from the anime convention Anime USA. It was super awesome. I bought lots of stuff, went to a visual kei concert and tried to learn para para. I didn't get any outfit shots during the con, but I did get this one hair/make up shot on Saturday. I'm trying to learn how to do make up, and I think I'm doing an OK job. I'm mostly just posting this picture because I really like how I look in it XD Also I took this picture while walking up stairs.
I didn't get many pictures of cosplayers, and now that I look at my pictures I realize that none of these cosplayers are from animes, but I will share what I have.
Avatar Aang
Captain Jack Sparrow
The Stepsisters from Cinderella
The Twilight Zone

And now for all the stuff I bought, and that's a lot of stuff. I spent $110, now I'm worried that I might not have enough money to buy christmass presents, but who cares I have new stuff!
And now a picture of the sailor moon brooch, because it's just that amazing!
I won this piece of art in an auction, everyone thinks I'm wierd for buying it ^^
I's so freaking beautifull!!!!! And lastly, the most expensive thing I bought at the con, a wig! It's my first wig, so I know nothing about wig styling and maintenance, but it was so pretty! Here's my wig

These were taken in the middle of the night, so the color didn't turn out right.
It looks really pretty like this, unfortunately my eyebrows aren't rose pink so it looks really awkward. So I cut bangs! Everything is better with bangs. 
that's all ^^

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