Monday, December 19, 2011

Paint and Pain

So, remember a few posts ago when I bought the wrong colour of paint? Well it's OK I went back to fix it!
But trying to make an exchange at a craft store during christmas time is a painfully difficult process. I had to wait in a super long line, and when I asked the lady at the back of the line if it was really the end she got offended for some reason. Well I made it to the front of the line eventually, and then I found out that I needed a drivers license to make a return. What the hell, why do I need a drivers license to return a bottle of paint? What am I going to do, drive the damn paint!?! Anyway I eventually made the exchange but it was painfull.

The new paint is on the left, and the old paint is on the right.
 And in this one, the new paint is on the right, and the old paint is on the right.

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