Friday, January 13, 2012

Princess cam

So I bought my first app yesterday! I found out I had a little money left in my iTunes account, and what better to spend it on than something sparkly! I bought this app called Princess cam and I've spent all day taking pictures of my friends and covering them in glitter! My family keeps making fun of me for buying this app, but I think I deserved to buy something cute at the end of a crappy week.
Here's how it works, first you take a camwhore-y picture of yourself (notice how I'm totally NOT wearing casual-lolita today).
Then, you make yourself look more attractive, then cover the picture in glitter!
Here are some more I did of myself, because I am a camwhore.

I can't really pull off the circle lens look XD

Lastly here's a picture of my brother, because he's prettier than all of us.

1 comment:

  1. LoL. I want this app. >o< You look especially cute in the 2nd photo (strawberries ftw!) but now we all know that you´re brother´s the prettiest in the family. XD *snortle* I need to get this and photograph MY brother....