Saturday, February 11, 2012


So I got my package from alice fururun today! Alice Fururun is a second hand store that sells lolita clothes for very cheap prices (the AP set I bought was only 6000 yen!) I wad group ordering with my friend, and I accidentally got curious and opened her dress and took pictures ^^ At least she was cool with it when I told her later.

It came in a brown bag with a cute bear on it <3


A blouse from innocent world! Buying a blouse from innocent world was one of my ultimate life goals, and now I've completed it! The blouse is 1000 times prettier IRL and it's made of chiffon, but you can't see it.
 I also got this lovely AP set. It's a bustier and skirt.

And here is my freind's dress.

The fabric is really amazing, I wish I could capture it's sheer awesomeness on camera (haha, it's a pun because the fabric is sheer, geddit!)

The lining was shiny! Shiny fabric is usually a no-no in lolita, but the chiffon over the shiny fabric makes a very pearl-like effect. 
Lastly here's a picture of me wearing all my new clothes at once!

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