Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Clothes

So there were some items from bodyline that I planned on ordering for a while, but then never did. Anyway, I finally ordered them  and they came in the mail today!

Here's the blouse I ordered. It's high collared and it has a huge, ruffly, removable neck bow, so it can work for both sweet and classic lolita. I really needed it in my wardrobe. But my god, the lace on the sleeves itch like nobody's business. I'm not a fan of tulle lace in general, but I hate bodyline's tulle lace the most. It unravels really fast and it's super itchy. I know tulle lace is more popular I think I'm just going to go into denial and only wear lolita dresses made before 2008, so I can avoid it at all costs.

This is the skirt, it's an older bodyline design, so it has cluny lace, which is awesome. It's really beautifull, but it doesn't fit me that well. It's too big, not too big enough to be unflattering, just too big enough for it to be anoying to wear. I can't take it in either, because there's boning in the seams. Speaking of which, the plastic boning is uncomfortable as hell. I think I'm getting too used to casual lolita, this all seems so uncomfortable to me...

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