Monday, May 14, 2012

DSLR dump

Since I got my little digital camera back I won't be using my mom's fancy camera as much anymore. Here is the result of my adventures in photography.
 these are some lillies my mom bought for easter. I were expecting them to be white like most lillies are so I was in for a pleasant suprise when they bloomed to be bright yellow!
 My little picture frames will always be one of my favorite things <3
I kept trying to take a picure of my brother, but he's too camera shy. Here's the closest thing I got to a picture of his face (the headphones are mine btw)
 Some flowers that grew out of the little stairwell up to my house, I thought they looked magical
 My mom has a thing for garden gnomes. I hate most of them, but I think this one's kinda cute.
 Some lions my mom bought at the flea market.
 Another one of my favorite things! It's a wax seal that makes a rose pattern! I'm really bad at using it though.
When I was little I tried to make a swing by tying a rope to a tree, 10 years later, the tree grew around the rope.

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