Sunday, May 20, 2012


One of my goals this month was to do more stuff with my hair so.... lets take a look at this weeks hairstyles.
OK that's all of them. You are officially allowed to stop reading because this post is going to get long but here's a breakdown of this week's hairsyles.

On Monday I wore fishtail braids. I'm ridiculously bad at doing fishtail braids.This is the first time they turned out mildly wearable, and they're still weird and puffy. Also it was raining so the lighting looks weird.

On Tuesday I wore buns at the nape of my neck I love this hairstyle to death but it's  a lot harder to make than it looks.
On wednesday I made a headband out of Braids. I like hairstyles like this because I can still show off how long my hair is, but the braids control some of the volume.
On Thursday I wore my hair in braid loops.
On friday I tried to recreate this hairstyle. It doesn't look as awesome as it does in the picture but I didn't have any awesome hair extensions to work with. This picture doesn't really do the hairstyle jusice though. The braid actually started by my ear. Here's a decent picture of my hair accessories btw:

On saturday I tried to straighten my hair.  I'm just going to go ahead and say that this wasn't a good idea My hair might have been straight but it was still frizzy and thick so it didn't have that sleek feel that naturally straight hair has. Also it didn't stay straight for that long.
On Sunday I decided to finally give up on all of these stupid hairstyles.

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