Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teja Jamila Tights Review

I recently bought some tights from here. I thought because it's a small etsy shop I'd do a review!
First some pictures of what I got!
 Here they are on my legs
There are a lot of awesome things about these tights , but my favorite are the little ships!
The tights are thick, soft and very stretchy; the printing is very detailed and pretty too! The white printing does  "crack" when stretched though. It isn't very noticeable, but that might be because I'm not stretching them all that much.  I'm just glad they're not too thin though, that was what I was really afraid of. The communication and stuff with the girl who runs the shop went over fine. The pricing is about the same as brand socks so I guess if you're used to buying brand socks you won't think it's too bad but if not $25-30 might seem like a lot for leg wear!

Anyway, I really love these tights and I have JUST SO MANY cool outfits in mind for them. I would definitely reccomend this shop to people looking for cool tights.

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  1. They're so cool! And you look awesome in them! A shame I wouldn't be able to wear them though. It would stretch too much and crack the print. Oh well, printed tight looks best on thin legs anyway ^^'