Saturday, September 22, 2012

Outfit Post: Dress like a pirate

On Wednesday I decided to make another pirate inspired outfit. For talk like a pirate day :D I forgot to talk like a pirate, but I did dress like a (ott lolita) pirate. I have to say, although I love how it looks in the mirror and in picures I really can't get into OTT hair. OTT just isn't my thing. I get intimidated by wearing more than two accessories in my hair.

 And lastly a picture of my fabulous hat! I love this hat so much, one of my good friends made it for me, I
Outfit Rundown
Dress: Handmade by me
Hat: handmade by a friend
Cardigan: Target
Bow: Kidsyoyo
Hairbows: hot topic
Socks: sock dreams
Shoes: Thrifted

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