Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 movies for lolitas

This week's theme of the lolita 5 challenge is "5 movies for lolitas" so here are 5 movies that I think are good for lolita.
1. Amadeus
A movie about Motzart's life which is actually a beautiful movie full of interesting characters, in addition to having fun rococo costumes! Of all the historical fashion movies that exist, this is the most ridiculous costume wise. Of course the rococo period was ridiculous in real life too.
2. Hugo
For it's pretty steam-punk imagery as well as the fact that it's just a good movie.
3. Disney's the Princess and the Frog
You've probably already seen it, but there was pretty much no way this wasn't getting on this list. I think Lottie and Tiana are great lolita icons, and the animation's really great too!
4. Clueless
Kattoo, why is a movie about bitchy 1990s schoolgirls on this list? Because this list is very quickly deteriorating into a list of random movies I like. Anyway, the fashion in this movie rocks and you should watch it.
5. Kamikaze Girls
This is not a lolita movie, this is THE lolita movie. I occasionally hear cry of "would you like this movie if there wasn't a lolita in it?!?" on the internet, to which I answer yes, I would. I could go on about the awesome things about this movie, but instead I'll just say, I'd watch it for Unicorn Ryuji.


  1. I love clueless and kamikaze girls <3 :D

  2. Rockabilly Ryuji! He is funny, and such a greaser that looks like he belongs in the 1950s.