Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 things Every loli should have in her wardrobe

So a thing that I'm going to try and do this year is the lolita 52 challenge. I'm going to try to do this once a week, and this week's topic is "5 things every lolita should have in her closet regardless of style." Since I based it off of my wardrobe, like the conceited person I am, it's more or less aimed towards the everyday lolita and not girls who just don the frills for cons and meetups. But yes, here are the things every (daily) lolita should have in her closet.
#1 A plain coloured skirt with lots of details.
Classic, sweet, or gothic, lolita these days is all about the prints. When a lot of girls (including myself) get into lolita, the first few peices they buy are all cutesy prints. I was in lolita for a couple years before I bought a printless, detailed skirt and I immediately realized just how much I needed it in my wardrobe! This type of skirt can be dressed up or down, and can look as fancy or casual as you want it to. They also look better when layering, in my opinion. The one I have is really sweet, but they're not that hard to find in more classic and gothic styles.
 #2 A "throw on" dress
In other words, a dress for when you need to be out of the house in like 10 minutes. A simple OP (or JSK that works without a blouse, if you're in a warmer climate) that can be worn pretty much is, without any extra accessories or clothing pieces. I recommend a bodyline print dress, because not only can they be thrown on, they can also be thrown in the washing machine.
#3 Wrist cuffs!
Wrist cuffs are actually ridiculously useful, and can be worn in a lot of ways! They're especially good for adding a few centimetres on to sleeves that are a little bit too short. I could probably write a whole different post on "ways to wear your wristcuffs"
#4 Comfy Shoes!
"Gosh, I love how lolita shoes are so comfortable!" said no one ever. Every lolita should go out and buy at least one pair of lolitable shoes from a local store that are comfortable. I'm pretty sure these are actually padded shoes for old grannies, but I don't even care. They are comfortable and cute and that's all that matters. You know what, this advice isn't even just for lolitas! Gyaru, goth, even mainstream fashion revolves around cool looking, yet painful shoes. I'm not saying you should only wear comfy shoes, I'm just saying they're a good thing to have.
#5 A chiffon blouse
If we were playing a game of "one of these things is not like the others" this would be that thing. I'm not going to write a paragraph saying "omg you should buy this because it's so super practical" because while these blouses are very practical in summer, the real reason you should buy them is because they add extra fancifulness to an outfit, but can be found for very little! It is so easy to pick up a blouse like this in a thrift store, but they make your outfit look more princessy, why would you not want that?

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