Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas gifts

I want to show you my Christmas presents from this year!
First the family presents!
 Some clothing from my favorite American brand: Free People!
These are polka-dot skinny jeans. Despite the fact that I am a lolita, I consider these to be the mos ridiculous piece of clothing I own (I love them so much)
 My parents also got me some sweet literature, as in historical fashion coloring books. I non-ironically love these so much!
 Fitting with the historical fashion theme, I now own this killer coffee table book on the history of fashion from 1700-2000.
I also got this sewing book which is the most useful thing ever.

I also got some really sweet presents from friends this year!
 Now that I own a PSP, I am going to buy ALL the persona games!
Not only is this bag gorgeous, it also fits my school stuff!


  1. these fashion books looks so interesting,Also I want psp too ^^

  2. Waaah, i love those polka dot jeans XD and your bag is so lovely!! Great with some books, i got books too for christmas! :D