Sunday, February 24, 2013

2-for-1 Lolita 52 special

Since I missed last week due to Katsucon I'm doing two lolita 52 entries this week to make up for it. These next two questions are closely related anyway.

#1. Why do you wear lolita?
Because life is too short to wear anything that you don't love.

#2. Why don't you wear lolita more often?
Well, this is a complicated question. I used to wear lolita almost every day (about 5-6 times a week) but recently I've been wearing (and making) clothing that doesn't exactly fit lolita. I'm a little afraid that lolita is leaving me. But when I think of it, some of the most popular lolitas only wear lolita sometimes, and there's nothing wrong with wearing lolita on Monday and cute pastel fashion of Tuesday. I don't think lolita will leave me for a very long time. Just because I stopped worrying if my outfits were lolita (because that's really what happened) doesn't mean I love my lolita dresses any less. I still wear lolita most of the time though, it's just gone from 6 days a week to about 4 days a week.

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