Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last weekend I had a lot of fun at Katsucon! I wasn't able to go last year, and the year before it I had some... unpleasant experiences, so it was nice to go to Katsucon and just have fun!

Warning! This will be a very long and image heavy post!
 Funny story, my friends and I all cosplayed characters from the board game "candyland" on Friday and we planned to have a photoshoot, but stuff happened and this is the only picture we took. This is also the only picture of me hanging out with my friends, all the rest are of cosplayers.
 This might be the most beautiful cosplay I've ever seen/
 Jake English from Homestuck! He made other characters out of perler beads and pinned them to his jacket!
 Tavros from homestuck.

 This lil Cal cosplayer was staying in the same hotel as me, so I saw him a lot.
 This guy's goggles lit up, and his costume was really well made and he was just an all around cutie.
 They had the entire family!!!!
 Sometimes I think I'm a good seamstress, then I see a really well made hand beaded cosplay... and I just cry.
 The Scout!
 This girl was really sweet, she gave me a little homestuck-themed valentine (which I lost)
 This guy's cosplay was so perf, it's too bad it didn't come out on camera though/
 Just look at this fabulous Adventure time group!
 Jesse and James!
 There was a person in this costume, just trust me
 And now I'm in it!

 A lot of people cosplay homestuck trolls, but very few cosplay ALL the homestuck trolls.
There were quite a few deadpools.
 But even more homestucks.
 That's not even all of them.
 Nope, still more.
 Yeah, the amount of homestucks is truly ridiculous.
 We're not even done yet!
And now we're done!
I still have more pictures from the homestuck photoshoot though.

 Some exceptionally good cosplayers from the homestuck shoot!


  1. So cute so amazing you had a wonderful time must of been fun and you look so pretty.