Monday, March 25, 2013

The Experiance of Dorrian Grey

I may as well warn you that this is going to be a long post, which is why I waited for school to go on spring break to write it. So as I may have mentioned, I was working on costumes for the Portrait of Dorian Grey for a while. The Play was in production since November, but I didn't start working on it seriously until two weeks before the play because my Director didn't take costumes seriously or tell me what we needed until two weeks before the play. As you can guess I did not sleep very much for two weeks.
It has my name in it and everything!
You may notice it says assistant, why does it say assistant? I was not the  assistant, if anything I did more work than the other girl working on costumes. I am not mad though, because there are much bigger things to be mad about. Here is the other costume girl chilling backstage.
What a cutie! She was the one that got me on the production team of this play, and is actually one of my best friends in real life. As I said earlier though, I have bigger things to be mad about, the biggest is possibly this dress.
My director had me make this dress in one day and she didn't even give me the actress's measurements. That is an impossible task, but guess what, I did it  anyway. By some miracle it even fit the actress, it wasn't the most flattering dress ever, but it was ok. I even took the time to sew on pearls just for an extra touch. But the 20 minutes before the play opened she decided to change the dress. The director was always undermining the costumers decisions and she had no respect for the time and effort we put into this. I didn't go to school or sleep or even eat the day I made this dress. I am not going to get mad about this now though, because it is over.

In addition to buying costumes I also rented some from the district's costume shop, which is a thing we actually have for some reasons. They had an army of dress forms there, which was amazing, just look at all the different body types!
Some of  the costumes turned out nice in the end. Just look at these fine gentlemen.

I also did a decent amount of fooling around backstage. For example I made friends with Bridget, the props-girl.
I arty hard.... with prop smokes and alcohol. I also made really good friends with the girl doing makeup, she is a really lovely person. While the actors were practising she did my eye makeup, I wish I had the skills to do this by myself.

And that's what I did on my hiatus from blogging.

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