Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dream Sky Tights Review

As always, I have some catching up to do with my blog. I'm going to make a few review posts before posting an outfit dump from the entire summer season.

A few months ago Angelic Pretty re-released one of my all time favourite prints: Dream Sky! Unfortunately for me, I missed the reservation so I couldn't snag a JSK or OP, but I needed the print in my life so I bought the tights.

Overall: 4/5 
 Shipping and Packaging: 5/5 it came in a little accessory sized bag inside a sturdy envelope. I ordered from the SF store so shipping was really fast too!
 Service and Communication: 5/5 I had no problems with communication and the store included a recipt (which shows you how pricey the tights were) with a little note and drawing on it!
 Product: 3/5 The tights are fine, the print doesn't strech, crack, or distort in any way when worn, but to be honest I expected a little more for the price. The tights aren't as soft or thick as my Teja Jamila tights. In the picture below you can see how thin they are at the knee and toe areas, and the really visible side seam