Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to school shopping

I can't believe that I didn't post at all in September! I have some more stuff from the summer that I want to post, but for today let's focus on September. September was a really busy month for me though, school started again, I started my apprenticeship at a theatre, I went to Anime USA (it was really early this year), and halfway through the month I got fired from my job. I haven't really been looking for a new job though. I want to take some time off to focus on applying to colleges and then get back to working. If I had known I was about to lose my job I probably wouldn't have bought so much stuff. September events aside, this year I decided to honor the great american tradition of buying a lot of new clothes in late august/early september for school. Here's what I bought.
 First the piece de resistance, a BTSSB skirt! This print was one of my dream prints and I'm super excited to own it. The fabric that it's made of is really gorgeous too, it's hard to describe, but it's a shiny satin on the back side, but on the printed part it's completely matte, the shiny part shows through enough for it to look bright and princessy but not look horrible in pictures. I bought this from a German lolita online and it came in perfect condition, however the girl failed to mention she was a smoker so it (and the cardigan I bought with it) came smelling like smoke. I don't care too much about the smell of smoke, but it would've been nice to know beforehand.
 Let's play the game, "spot the brand name in the print!"
 Cardigans! I bought a whole bunch for the fall season. They are all second hand but originally they were from H&M, American Eagle, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Hell Bunny, in that order.
 The BABY emblem <3

 Tops! The pink cutsew is from DreamV and the white blouse is thrifted, but originally by Ralph Lauren. I own a lot of brand lolita, but this is my first time buying American designer brand stuff. It's really rare that you find it at goodwill too, so I couldn't let that chance pass.
The collar on the pink cutsew is just too cute!
 I guess this category of clothing is "casual" or "other." The black and white striped things are leggings, and I've never actually worn them even though I've had them for more then a month. I'm a little embarrassed about it actually. I just have no idea how to coordinate leggings! I also bought a black hoodie and a pastel camisole to wear around the house. The last thing in this picture is my black oxfords which are already super worn out! I debated over whether or not to buy oxfords for a couple years, until I found them in a thrift store in August. I'm super glad I bought them though I wear them a lot! They’re from a super cheap store originally though (target I think) so they're already wearing out.
 Accessories! The attack on titan box is full of bronze charms and it's also the only thing I bought at Anime USA this year. The nail polish is the latest thing I bought. I bought it to cheer myself up after losing my job. I could never wear nail polish at my old job and I missed it.
 The attack on titan charms! The red velvet stuff is much darker in real life.
 Bags! I needed a new school bag because the one from last year wasn't big enough to hold the HUGE sketchbook I need for art this year. The kuromi pouch was an impulse buy but it actually turned out to be really useful for carting around my art supplies.
 Paper goods! The most important part of back to school shopping! I got some pastel notebooks for taking notes, a flower print letter set and hello kitty band aids. The kuromi pad was a free gift with some of the other purchases but the shape's a little odd so I haven't used it for anything.