Thursday, November 28, 2013

Recent Sewing Exploits

As always, I've been far too busy to blog. I started working again, on top of my school and apprenticeship I have very long days. I generally get to school around 7:30 (I go early to catch up on studying or work on my paintings) and then get home from work at 22:00. I'm going to try and write a couple posts over thanksgiving break though. First I'd like to share some of the sewing I've done in the last... 6 months or so.

This is the oldest dress. I actually made it to wear to the interview for my apprenticeship. I wanted to make something flattering and cute yet still professional. 
I made this dress over the summer for school. The theme of this dress is "identity" so I basically made something that would fit well into my current lolita wardrobe. It looks a little dumb in this picture because I don't have a full co-ord on. But I wanted a simple picture of the dress to add to my portfolio.
This dress was also made for school. The theme is "The Trojan War" so I tried to make a dress that resembled armor.
This jacket is the most recent piece of mine. I made it for school in October The theme was prince charming so I made a princely jacket. I challenged myself to use yellow, which is a colour I usually avoid. I couldn't find the right texture of fabric in yellow though so I spent a week bleaching and dying this. There are also a bunch of details on the sleves that you can't really see in this picture.
Well that's all for today folks. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!