Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kattoo's Life March 2014

So I decided I want to do some more blogging and the best way to do that would be to do monthly updates on my personal life. So Here is what I did in March!
Had a Birthday!
My birthday is March 1st! To celebrate I made myself a new dress (it's the one I'm wearing in the above picture even though can't really see it) ate pancakes for dinner with my friends (see above) and went to see a live show of Rocky Horror for the first time! I had a great birthday!
Wrote a Journal!
I ran out of space in my old journal right before my birthday, and I thought what better time to start a new journal than on a new year of my life? So I bought this cute new journal for my birthday, because the best kind of birthday present is one you get yourself. After I bought this new journal I've been writing in it almost every day, much more often than my old journal. My last journal lasted me years but I have a feeling I might need to buy a new one in 6 months!
Running Wardrobe for "Hero Worship"
 So I have an apprenticeship at a professional theater. Last month we put on a show called Hero Worship and I was in charge of wardrobe. The picture's me with the rest of the cast and Crew on our final preformance (photo credit to my mom) you can find me in the black sailor outfit.
 I got an instagram this month and I was instantly obsessed! I'm queenkattoo on instagram for anyone who wants to follow me there.
Game of Thrones!
I got really into Game of Thrones this month! I watched every episode of the TV show and started the books! I can't wait for Season 4!
Favorite photo of the Month!
Yes a "favorite photo of the month will be a feature of my monthly life posts, and at the end of the year I'll do a masterpost of every "favorite photo of the month" this month's favorite photo features me and a friend cutely sharing a drink at a birthday party while the birthday girl glares from behind. Also everybody is wearing flower crowns?

What did you do this March?