Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kattoo's Life April 2014

So I'm back with another life update after a month! How's everybody been this past April? It was a pretty good month for me, but I started my job on March 31 so I've been doing a lot of working but I also did a lot of exciting things this month!
Had an Art Show
On the first week of April all the graduating art students had an art show. Here I am with my exhibit. Photo by my mom.
Went to Paris!
I went to Paris to visit my aunt and uncle over Easter break! It was a lot of fun.
Went to my first brand store!
As a lolita, it's always been a dream of mine to visit a brand store. I got a chance to visit the BTSSB store when I was in Paris. The store was adorable and there were so many dresses I lusted after but simply couldn't afford. Even so, I'm glad I went. Picture credit goes to my brother who probably regretted his decision to come shopping with me the minute he saw the entrance to this store.
Dyed my hair for the first time!
 I may have only dyed the tips but that's still a pretty big change for my standards. I also completely rearranged the furniture in my house mostly because my brother wanted to but it's still a big change. Rearranging furniture and dying my hair are small changes but they're big for me because I don't change very often. Kind of like how I'm wearing the exact same colors in every single picture this month.
Favorite Photo of the month!
I had a hard time choosing this month's favorite photo because I took so many photos in Paris, but I think this advertisement takes the cake. Do I have any idea what's being sold? Absolutely not. I love this ad mostly because it features a girl wearing a fancy dress and a unicorn mask which is coincidentally what I wore to prom last year.
You know, in case you thought I was kidding.

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