Sunday, May 4, 2014

Parisian Purchases

I just wanted to make a quick post to show you guys what I bought in Paris! Seeing as this is a fashion blog I'll post the clothes first.
 The skirt is from Axes Femme. I wanted to buy every single thing in the Axes Femme store, unfortunately that wasn't possible. It also makes me really angry that Axes Femme has physical stores in multiple countries but won't ship overseas what's up with that! The Axes Femme store was also the most popular of any of the stores I visited. The soft feminine look that Axes Femme is known for is really popular right now, and they have a really nice kids section too.
 I bought this blouse from Baby, the stars shine bright. I think the buttons on this blouse give it a really cute candy feeling!
 Also check out the side details on this dress from Ted Baker! This dress is not only cute, but super comfy and fits me perfectly. It has immediately become a staple in my wardrobe! Also Ted Baker has a 20% student discount which is pretty sweet.
 Here are the little goodies I got with my purchases. A postcard and sticker from BABY and a catalog from Axes Femme.
 And next on to the books! I love collecting books in French and books about Fashion so I just had to go book shopping in France! I was also with my dad who is possibly the only person who is a more compulsive book buyer than I am, so some of these are actually presents from him.
 These two books were bought at the Fashion Museum in Paris. They had lots of these books on different time periods and subcultures. I bought these two so I could cover the whole range of fashions.

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