Friday, September 18, 2015

cute, small,,, and cheap

Just wanted to post a picture of some cute/small things I bought recently, I thought about putting this with my "autumn wardrobe update" post but none of it's clothing, so it gets it's own post. Best part of this haul is, the most expensive thing, the phone case, only cost me $5!

Pictured: string lights, a metal candle holder (which I think I'll use as a toothbrush holder), a candle, some hand sanitizers, mechanical pencils, a metalic pink phone case, and a small bottle of perfume. The perfume I actually got for free at a fashion show I worked at back in June, but I thought it worked well with the color scheme of the rest of the photo. Plus I wanted to show you guys the cute writing on the inside of the box.


  1. Hi Kattoo I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I'm in Philly and would love to get to know you. This isn't spam. You can email me at if you're interested at all. Figured I'd at least try.

    1. Hey I'm just now seeing this comment. I don't remember getting your friend request at all, but feel free to send it again (if that's eve something you can do, I'm not great at facebook) I'm always looking to make new friends in the area