Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weird Kid Movies: Trainwreck

So I'm here to kick off a new feature on this nearly dead blog: Movie reviews! I actually wanted to start a whole separate movie blog for these reviews which would be aptly named Weird Kid movies. I even started a whole bunch of reviews for the blog but soon enough, I gave up and left a bunch of half assed reviews to rot in my draft section. That is until I just now decided to get back to reviewing and post it all to this blog! What inspired this change of heart? Well my favorite forum site: myasianfashion.com is closing at the end of the month, and with it is a movie review thread which I devote more of my time to than I would like to admit. So I'm going to post more (even longer, more in depth) movie reviews on this blog! I'm even thinking about doing some posts that focus on the costuming and artistic direction of a movie rather than the plot, because I'm always a slut for some good costuming. Let me know if you have any opinions on the ideas. Anyway, without further ado I present my first review:
Trainwreck (2015) dir. Judd Apatow
Rating: 6/10
Watch if you enjoy: Amy Schumer in general

If you live in the US, Amy Schumer is one of those celebrities that's really hard to ignore right now.  I personally love her style of comedy but I can easily see why people aren't really into it. Her blunt style of humor can easily come off as vulgar and abrasive. However whether or not you're laughing at her jokes it's kind of hard to go without hearing them. First she was crusading to allow the word pussy to be said on live TV, then she got a show on comedy central and now this movie. This was one of the most heavily marketed movies of the year. I couldn't go on the internet, watch TV, or listen to the radio without having to hear about it. Usually intense marketing is a huge turn off for me but I went and saw it anyway. 1) because my friend told me to, 2)because I had a gift card to the cinema and  3) because Daniel Radcliffe makes a cameo. That cameo was worth the 12 dollar movie ticket, but I'm still going to go on and review the rest of the movie

I think this movie taught me something very important about myself, my sense of humor is fucking weird. I saw this movie in a crowded theatre with my mom and there were jokes the whole theatre laughed at and jokes the two of us laughed at, with little to no overlap. For example, that scene where Amy hooks up with Ezra Miller's character is hilarious but no one else was laughing until we found out he was 16.  But the good thing is, that there were just as many "Kattoo and Kattoo's mom" jokes as there were general public jokes, so there's something for everybody.

While Trainwreck is a genuinely funny movie, it's not very plot driven. The plot basically follows the standard romantic comedy format. Career woman meets a man and eventually finds work/life balance. This movie throws in the extra catch that Amy is not only a serious career woman, but she's also a hard partier and she has to give up binge drinking and smoking weed in addition to finding work/life balance. I've seen pieces critiquing  this aspect of the movie, not because the plot's predictable, but because they find it ironic for the feminist comedienne Amy Schumer to write a movie where a woman gives up her party habits and to some extent her career in favor of a monogamous relationship. Personally I'm not that bothered by it, I think this movie's point is to be funny  and the plot's predictability was due to genre convention and not for the purpose reenforcing sexist stereotypes. By following a generic plot the movie allows the characters and jokes to play a more dominant role. This a is successful idea for a comedy, but I doubt the movie will age well without a creative plot. It will probably only be 5 years until this movie gets to be extremely dated. My main problem with the movie was not the comedy, or even the plot, it was the narration. Some of the jokes in the narration were hilarious but in general I thought it was too much, and it got to the point where there was so much narration I started to question how stupid the Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow think the audience is. Show don't tell! It's the first thing you learn in film school jfc. I think this problem with over narration comes from having the writer play a part in the movie. When I was an intern at signature theatre we did a play in which the writer played a part. In the end the play was not that successful because the writer made it hard for the director and the rest of the production team to do their jobs. I wasn't on the set of Trainwreck, but I bet it had the same problem.

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